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Secret Secret's debut album is out now!


Secret Secret immortalizes their authentic personality in their debut self-titled album, released on July 24th, 2020. The record spans multiple genres from mellow indie rock to pop punk and even includes a Russian lullaby. Despite the dynamic range, Secret Secret’s album is unified by powerful lead vocals, Beach Boys style harmonies, and captivating lyrics from beginning to end.


They didn’t set out to write about the female experience but when learning to love in a patriarchal society, it's inherently part of the deal. One song called Bye Bye Baby is ripe with double entendre. On the surface it’s a breakup song but when the lyrics are taken literally they describe the challenging emotions of deciding to get an abortion, “maybe if I was older, more stable, then you could be / but for now, bye bye baby”. Another song called Rich Guy is a satirical plot to marry a rich husband only to kill him and reap the life insurance money. It was born in Maria’s basement during a tipsy rant about how techies suck and quickly grew into a much larger conversation. Rich Guy is a clear middle finger to cops, toxic masculinity and income disparity.

Secret secret is full of surprises. This release is purely collaborative and you can tell the band is deeply connected to each other. The song Somewhere to Go started as a slow singer-songwriter ballad until drummer Maria Donjacour suggested speeding it up. The song turned into a psychedelic tornado that eventually would include a theremin and a disheveled tri-tone outro. These are just a few gems on the 12 song LP, made with love and with the intention of sharing the band’s collective stories.


cover art by Madeline Buzbee


album artwork by Amanda Na


flier art by Piper Layne Alan


painting by Olga

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