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Secret Secret began as a collaboration between four friends who found their voice in the underground San Francisco rock community. They play genre-bending music that waterfalls from melancholy indie pop to explosive alt-rock. Lead singer Sadie Alan had a treasure trove of songs from her young adulthood that were rarely played in front of an audience. Her friend Marika Stuurman was determined to change that and so in 2018 she invited drummer Maria Donjacour and bassist Sasha Konnings to jam with them. They met in Sadie’s basement and got to know each other over beers and music. Since the pandemic, Sasha has parted ways from the band and Thomas Fendert has stepped in holding down the bass.

Secret Secret released their first EP called HUSH in 2019 and released their first full length, self-titled album on July 24th, 2020.


Illustration by Daniel Bromfeild

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